Levels of (Artificial) Intelligence

What is Intelligence?

Human Intelligence is defined based on the following factors, at the minimum.

  • Context
  • Growth
  • Learning
  • Limitations
  • Domain

Nobody is on par in all context. It depends on your exposure. Intelligence also implies a growth mindset where you can, say, learn tangentially or sequentially. Growth also matters in terms of toddler growing into an adult, needing certain inputs, environment and effort to be considered Intelligent appropriately. Finally, humans are not ‘intelligent’ in all domains in which the civilization has knowledge, skills and expertise.

Why Intelligence matters? Is it the only thing that matters?

I would rather consider Machine or Artificial ability or capability to be a better indicator of how much of how many things it can do. Intelligence , in normal parlance, may exclude creativity, for instance but I will definitely not rule a machine acquiring it.

Should Human created Artificial Intelligence be compared to Human Intelligence?

That is one criteria but there are two things to consider.

One is that there are abilities exhibited in nature which human don’t possess. Acquiring them would not make the machine, superior to humans per se.

The second point is that based on how the abilities are built into Artificial Systems, they may anyway be capable of certain abilities better than humans.

Artificial Narrow Intelligence

  • Spectrum
  • Basic automation to just short of AGI

Artificial General Intelligence

  • Discrete Single Point
  • Multiple Instances

Artificial Super Intelligence

  • Self sustaining
  • No limits on ability

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