AI: Disruptor or Enabler*

AI: The next disruption?

Jobs will always be generated. More of a question of economic growth, than technology. Even if AI takes away 100 jobs, to support AI, significant numbers of new jobs will be needed. Also, depends on how new jobs are defined. Finally, there is government/regulatory intervention depending on the impact.

Enterprises have been relying on external resources for IT for a long time, the arguments being flexibility and better ROI. There are usually a handful of in-house resources who may be coordinating / managing but grunt work is outsourced.

There are supposed to be a few million unfulfilled job openings in US right, lack of suitable resources being cited as the main reason, though if I look at some of the job descriptions and numbers of years/implementations desired, I wonder how many resources fitting the bill may exist or be available. Lot of job descriptions seem pipe dream.

When a warehouse job in an Amazon warehouse is made redundant due to AI, is the displaced worker need to upskill to the one(s) created by that AI implementation? Would it be reasonable for an organization to invest in this effort? Is it reasonable to envisage?

On the other hand, when an IT or programming job cease to exist, is it more reasonable to expect the upskilling effort and investment?

AI: Enabler?

Besides the hype, one thing to point out is that technology is unorganized and grows in unexpected and various directions which are difficult to track. Technologies interact among themselves and with the external environment to spawn trends. It seems to Wild West compared to more organized professions like Medicine or Pilots.

Also, some use cases and unfulfilled needs may be latent till somebody sells you a solution for it.

So, in the above scenarios, when a job is defined, can AI estimate the numbers of resources who may be available and willing to fulfill that position?

Also, given the upskilling effort and investment required, can jobs be redesigned, broken up or merged to enable organizations and people achieve better outcomes?

Can the above two use cases combined to give an optimum solution for a scenario?

Further, given the concern is not just disappearance of jobs but also the quality and value of replacement jobs, can AI help utilize the potential of resources with better job designs and other value additions to improve the jobs that created as replacement?

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